The CRAVE CO.MPANY brings women together to CO.LLABORATE in business, CO.MINGLE about life.  And CO.STORM to create CO.MMUNITY. . .

“Whatever your motivation, you’ll likely find your people here. Whenever women come together, breakthroughs ignite. At CRAVE, we merge business + life, and love to say where there’s ‘CO’ there’s fire.” – Melody Biringer

Co-storming was magical. When I arrived, I was really stuck inside my own head. Having someone else’s eyes on my project and hearing about their experiences helped me to see what I could not. It pushed me to get through the hard part and launch a major project.

Erin Anacker, People Enthusiast Founder of Betwixt

Work{storming} was one of the most effective and efficient way to get the ball rolling again in my business that I have ever experienced. The best part was having myself and another experienced business professional focus together on my issues and it was that extra attention and push that created the momentum that I could then run with.”

Kim Heath CA, CPA, JD

The CRAVE program was the best business and personal investment I have made this entire year. The content and exercises helped get me get on track and make serious progress toward a more efficient, balanced, and profitable life and business. The experience was a 360-degree home run: The camaraderie from the other amazing women was an absolute blast, the epiphanies were lasting.

Hillary Basset Ross

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