Ever noticed you can sense when you’ve made a mistake or bad decision in your business?  It is not always crystal-clear but perhaps you were nervous about taking a particular step, ignored your intuition, pushed through then realized CRAP, I’ve made a bad move!  Don’t worry, my dear.  There is not a single crave-able lady who has not made a poor business decision or hit a creative wall after spending hours and hours with their particular business baby.

The beauty of being business owners is we are driven (some may even say compelled!) to see our businesses thrive and are very quick to regroup and get things back on track.  The problem is that many times we jump right back on the same track that led us to the crappy business decision in the first place.  This is a sign the business blinders have been on far too long.  We need to slow down, step back and see what needs to be flipped!

The same thing goes for our food.  Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results (thank you Mr. Einstein), and yet how often have we jumped from one diet to the next thinking, “YES, this is going to be the one that works!”?   Or popped open a can of diet coke hoping it would squelch our sweet need only to find it gets us thinking about chocolate and that left over piece of cake in the fridge?  Especially when trying to eat healthfully, it is extremely difficult to see that what we are eating may not be working.

So how do you know when your food needs a flip?  Here are three easy-to-identify signs that will get you on the right track:

1)     You are a super slug in the morning Granted some of us are simply not morning people. However, if you find that when your alarm goes off your head, eyes, arms and legs all scream NO!!, this is a sign that whatever was for dinner (lunch or breakfast) the day before is not working for you and needs a flip.

2)     Crazy cravings– Cravings are not a bad thing.  They are simply your body saying, “Hey, I need something!”  Where problems arise is when you misinterpret these cravings and eat the wrong thing, which then continues the craving cycle. 

3)     Eating for FunctionIf you are eating out of the sheer need to survive, girlfriend we have got some serious food flipping to do!  Food certainly is needed to stay alive however there is also great joy and unbelievable flavors and tastes to be gotten out of the experience of eating.  It’s often when we eat those “health” foods (think cottage cheese, a dry bagel and salad with lite dressing) that our tongue eventually rebels and says, “Give me ice cream or give me death!”  There is a happy medium between eating for function and going hoagie-heaven, hog-wild and more often than not, a quick food flip will do the trick.

So the next time you are craving like crazy, need a double venti mocha to get out of bed, or are completely uninspired by your bowl of special K, consider giving your food a little flip.  It may just be exactly what you need to start feeling fabulous!

In the meantime, I’d love to know what you have done in the past to flip your food or what you plan to try.  Reach out and tell me in the comments below.   Come on, don’t be shy!

Jamie G. Dougherty is the owner and founder of Jamie Living, Health and Lifestyle Coaching and food guru extraordinaire!  She is a certified Holistic Nutrition Coach with a private and corporate practice that offers assistance nationwide. She is the author of the wildly popular e-cookbook, Spring Forward to the New You: 30 Delicious and Cleansing Recipes for your Fabulous Figure and is the food guru to busy, frustrated women ready to let go and become healthy, fun and fabulous! Be sure to join Jamie on Facebook and Twitter and get your free 5-STEP GUIDE TO FABULOUS at JAMIELIVING.