“Great great night! Even though I don’t own my own business so many great things learned tonight and to apply to my life. My poor husband couldn’t get a word in tonight when I got home — so inspired! Thank you CRAVE!” -Amy Hedman Turnbull

It was a night of inspiration and storytelling at the CRAVE Seattle business chat on Tuesday November 29th. The topic of conversation was the November subject we’ve been discussing, “Flip it Before You Ditch it!” Flip it is a favorite topic of CRAVE Founder Melody Biringer. It’s about changing up a business idea before you move on and try something else. Coming at an issue from an opposite perspective can sometimes help you see a solution in a different light. In addition to hearing the guest speakers talk about their experiences in business the floor was opened up to attendees of the CRAVE chat to talk about their personal insights on flipping different parts of their life. Below are the top six highlights from the chat.

1. Niche is rich, broad is broke, shared by guest speaker Devani Freeman. Devani explained the importance of really focusing on a specific niche in business rather than trying to be really broad.

2. Barbie Hull a CRAVE entrepreness and guest speaker talked about the importance of bouncing ideas off other like-minded individuals when faced with tough business decisions. Brainstorming and collaborating with others can be very powerful.

3. Find your niche and declare it.

4. “Gravitate to what feels natural to you.” -Melody Biringer. If what you’re doing currently in your business or life doesn’t feel right or isn’t working, pay attention to the things you do that you thoroughly enjoy. Figure out the skills that come naturally to you and do something about it.

5. If you have a niche and it’s not working, flip it.

6. Think about your personal life experiences, maybe you have one that others can relate to. Flip your life experiences and passions into a business that helps others.

“I feel renewed and so thankful to have had the opportunity to meet such great women! Thank you for the event and thank you to Cake Envy for the location and yummy treats.” -Kirsten Helle, Mesa de Vida

Big thank you to Cake Envy for graciously hosting our chat and to our speakers, Barbie Hull, Devani Freeman and Melody Biringer. Learn more about our CRAVE chat’s by visiting our website.