We all like to think we can be chill as a cucumber when it comes to prepping ourselves for a date. But fact is, you’re not a woman if you cool, calm and collected before a date. It’s physically impossible. In fact, it’s written in our genes; DNA sequence code SHOBENPT—Spazz the Heck Out Because Everything Needs to be PERFECT Tonight.

It’s okay though, our team of ‘Been There, Done That’ experts are here to help assist in making your special night with the snookums go as smooth and easy as those Venus Gillette commercials chicks make it seem.

Topic #1: The OUTFIT

You want to look flawless, right? Effortlessly put together, yet not too overdone. Here’s the trick, depending on where the date is at, understand that comfort is key. You don’t want to enter a dining room wearing an extravagant Alexander McQueen gown in which you lack the ability to reach for bread rolls across the table.

This, is a no-no. On the other hand, we’ve got the oh-so casual ensembles that put comfort on a whole other level. Ladies, we’re not going to a soccer game, a t-shirt and a jeans just will not cut it.

SOLUTION: Make it look comfortable and classy! After all, your honey boo-boo is taking time out of his/her day to take you out! Lucky for you, we’ve done our research and here are a few of the many modish boutiques that carry some of the trendiest date-night friendly attire, accompanied by the assistance and advice from some of the modish fashion-savvy geniuses out there:

1) Letters from LA
2) Sandylew
3) Estilo
4) Blue Luna
5) Bunky Boutique
6) Fresh
7) kris&kate Hint…hint! kris&kate is an online boutique that offers a “deal of the day” on splurge-worthy date night outfits! 50% off? Yes please!!

Didn’t see one in your location? Peruse our online directory for more hip and chic fashion boutiques!

Topic #2: The LOCATION

Let the night be light and merry. Don’t stress about the perfect place to eat or lounge. After all, the purpose of the night is to enjoy the company of your dear one, not the others around you. With that said, who wants to be stuck in a pub listening to some overly-loud bar hipster music.

SOLUTION: Try a place that’s familiar to you two. Somewhere where you know you’ll enjoy the food and atmosphere. Life isn’t always about the unexpected. But for those who enjoy new things check some of these cozy and delicious restaurants:

1) Amalfi’s
2) Canelé
3) Paris on the Platte
4) Savor Seattle
5) Saucisse Restaurant

So many more yummy locations to choose from in our online directory!

Topic #3: The TALK

This one is an overlooked topic. Yes, you and your significant other might live together, and even if you don’t, you might think that you know each other well enough to start up a simple conversation. But sometimes nerves get the best of you and let’s face it, “How was your day?” just isn’t an attention grabber. Spice up the night’s conversation with a couple out-of-the blue topics, things that he or she wouldn’t expect you to say. Questions are great! It creates a gaming vibe to you’re your partner interested, intrigued and in tune. It leaves them guessing what’s next, and it keeps the night young & fun!

Enjoy the night and catch us in our next blog!