With SPRING already in FULL SWING we compiled a list of some of the things we’re currently CRAVE-ing. So let’s get the conversation started! What are you currently CRAVE-ing? Leave us a comment below!

Great food.
True friendships.
Wealth and happiness.
Creative inspiration.
Time to read really, great books.
Laughing every day.
Love and peace.
White Chocolate cheesecake.
Free time.
Pink lipstick.
Gourmet cupcakes.
Traveling the world.
New shoes for Spring.
Running in a marathon.
A man with a good sense of humor.
Safety and happiness for my family.
Doing cartwheels.
Chocolate and raspberry filled scones.
Finding delicious dessert recipes on Pinterest.
To be surrounded with passionate people.
Walking on grass barefoot.
A road trip with my girlfriends.
Taking a leap of faith.
A camping trip.
Birthday cake.
A hug from Dad.
A red party dress.
Relaxing weekends.
Taking a nap outside.
Bouquets of flowers.
Strawberry smoothies.
Waking up with a smile on my face.
Ice cream sundaes.
Thrift store shopping.
A new hair color.
Floral print anything.
Riding a bicycle.
An all day TV show marathon.
Bright pink toe nail polish.