“When we started the doing the CRAVE books, featuring women all over the world the, business did not actually work for the first four years. And I was very frustrated…I saw that Seinfeld episode where George did everything in the opposite. Things just weren’t working out for him and he was like, ‘I’m going to say yes instead of no.’ I decided I was going to try that.”
-Melody Biringer

Melody wrote down everything she didn’t like about, or that just wasn’t working for, the business and made a call. A call which people embraced.

CRAVE is now in thirty cities.

And Melody isn’t the only woman who has embraced doing things the opposite way.

CRAVE has collected stories from 40 women, compiling them into CRAVE’s newest eBook, FLIPPED IT! Inspiring Stories of Successful Reinvention.

True stories of how these women didn’t give up on their business when things were going south. Of how they turned things around by doing the opposite, flipping it upside down and going in a new direction to success.

Learn from and be inspired by the likes of, Shasta Nelson, Danielle LaPorte, Jenn Sprinkle, Jovanka Ciares, Mary Bokovoy, Tory Johnson, Sasha Muir….and of course Melody Biringer! Plus many more!


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