I cannot even begin to express how delightful is to be able to run a business 24/7. Never needing to close shop, always aware of “foot” traffic, sales, and being “under construction” could simply be for an afternoon.. no hard hats needed.

One of the things that is most important is to make sure that your customers knows their voice will be heard. When creating your site, make sure that one of your missions is to create a mission statement that let’s the customer know that returns or exchanges are acceptable, with thorough details on how they will be handled. Be kind, yet firm. Your work is incredibly valuable, and your customers satisfaction.. even more so. Reputation is everything. It’s your e-imprint, if you will. Your business should exude clear, to the point information, testimonials (if possible), and sincerity. You want to not only win over the business of that particular customer, but many others. The word of mouth factor is incredibly useful with online businesses. Happy customers will speak highly of you, and inevitably your business grows, plus your name is solid.

Let’s not forget web ads, they’re our friends! Even though one may roll their eyes at an ad for kitty condos that is listed on the same page as a google search for cat toys, if the ad is visually cute/clever/creative/informative, you may very well click on it. Happens everyday. Web ads bring foot traffic that acts as the “window shopping at the mall” factor. Even if a person is unable to take advantage of whatever it is your company offers that day, if it piques their interest, they’ll bookmark the site.. and they’ll be back.

LundyMarci Lundy
Marci C. Lundy is a 30 something Southern California girl that is now based out of Denver, Colorado. She is the owner of 303 Dolls Face + Body Squared, as well as Sexy Earth Chicque Studios. Both product lines boast organic, spa grade, bath and body products. She is also a Photographer, with a greeting card line, Color Me Colorado. Marci resides in Denver with her husband, Stewart, a day trader, as well as council member for the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, and her adorably spoiled calico, Dutchess.