Surrounding yourself by others that celebrate you and that you celebrate back.

“Don’t go where you are tolerated, go where you are celebrated”

Having a social life and a circle of friends is much more important than we give credit to. Balancing work, family, love, and other activities can be overwhelming. Having friends for each step in life is important for keeping yourself surrounded by support and encouragement. Spending too much time with others that do not care about you is draining on your inspiration and enthusiasm for success.

Shasta Nelson, a speaker for our upcoming Urban Campfire event this August, as well as the creator of, stresses much of her work on the importance of friendship. She says that there are five different circles of friends and they are all important to your life in their own ways.

The contact friend group is made up of acquaintances from networking groups or meetings. You interact at these meetings and you know surface level information about each other.

The common friends circle, comes from friends you make at interest groups such as weight loss, church, or mothers groups. You have a specific commonality that connects you, and creates a stronger bond than the contact friend circle.

The community circle usually stems from the common circle, because these are the friends you met through the previous events and are now interacting with more frequently, and have found more connections than just one commonality.

The commitment circle is the group of friends that have your top priority. You consistently make time to interact with each other and you have a deep connection with them compared to the other circles.

The last circle fits in the middle of the rest, and they are your confirmed friends. These are long lasting deep connections that you are not seeing as frequently as before. These friends will always have an intimate friendship with you but are not around as much as the commitment level friends. Even though you can spend long periods apart, when you interact you pick up right where you left off.

Shasta reiterates that it important to find a balance in these five circles. Many people have the problem of too many acquaintances and too few committed friends, or the other way around. Create a community for yourself that values real friendship, and you will find yourself striving to do better and influencing your friends to do so as well.