It’s Wednesday, and even if you started the work week on a high note with plenty of energy, it is not uncommon to feel tired and drained at this point.


But there are things you can do during the day to get a boost and get back into the swing of the work week.

  1. Visualize yourself as full of energy. Imagining an activity fires up the same parts of the brain that work when actually doing it.
  2. Think happy thoughts. Negative messages cause stress. Positive ones don’t.
  3. Turn up the music. Music helps reduce anxiety, and keep us invigorated.
  4. Take a break. Stand up, stretch, go outside for a bit of sun and fresh air.
  5. Drink water. This will help keep your muscles from aching.
  6. Snack on protein. Protein is a good source of energy.

And just remember, the weekend is just two days away, and then you can play.