“I crave a sold out Urban Campfire event and I’m 95 percent of the way there. My dream is to put 500 women in a room and have meaningful conversations and I’m so excited to see the dream come true.”


It’s almost here, the day we’ve all been waiting for: Urban Campfire! Prepare for S’mores, awesome conversations, campfires, and more s’mores! For those of you who are already going, we can’t wait to see you at the event. For those who may not know what Urban Campfire is all about, read on.

It all starts with a fire. For thousands of years, women have gathered around fires to offer each other support in navigating the challenges in their lives. Urban Campfire is a modern-day take on the ways women have bonded for centuries.

The goal: To engage women in authentic conversation about business, relationships, and life.

Women are naturally adept at building powerful and long-lasting connections between each other. Urban Campfire takes it a step farther by bringing conversations outside of the traditional business setting, ultimately benefiting your business and brand.

Ten inspirational women from around the country will be speaking at the event, sharing their thoughts in response to the question, “If you had ten minutes to tell the world what you’ve learned, what you know to be true… what would that be?” They’ll tell you what matters most to them in life and business, and between speakers you’ll have the chance to reflect in small groups around a campfire.

If that’s not an enticing enough reason to come, there will be a post-campfire dance party filled with music, fun, and yes – more food!

If you are a woman in transition, a woman longing for “what’s next,” or a woman looking for community and friendship, this event is for you.

Help Melody’s dream of a sold out event come true by registering by clicking the button:

You’ll gain friendships, new perspectives, and memories to last a lifetime.

See you there!

melodyMelody Biringer is the start-up junkie behind The CRAVE Company. She has built over 20 companies that range from Biringer Farm, a family-run specialty-food business, to a home furnishings store to a fitness studio. Her current entrepreneurial love-child is The CRAVE Company, inspiring success and connections between savvy, stylish consumers and entreprenesses.