We’ve always been intrigued by the pages of fashion magazines when September arrives but sometimes we have to wonder how we ever thought things like swishy pants or scrunchies were a good idea. Like fashion faux pas, business faux pas become even more detrimental. Find out that those mistakes you made are actually rather common when it comes to being a business owner. So here’s to coming together, strutting our past mistakes down the runway, turning them into positives and making sure that our mistakes can help turn into other’s solutions.

CRAVE asked Marci C. Lundy, an online boutiques owner what her take is on business faux pas! Here’s her take on making mistakes…

In life, you live and you learn.

Around age 12, you find that boys aren’t so icky (debatable.) Around age 25, you begin to learn the value of true friendship, and around the year one anniversary of starting your company, you realize you’ve come a LONG way.

Let’s call it the “green” phase. You’re on 10, ready to take the world by storm. Days consist of notes, plans, phone calls, mixers, nerves, doubt, tears, talks. Sounds messy, but I know that each and every one of us have encountered these moments and weathered the storm wonderfully. We are constantly learning. From our peers. From our mistakes. There is no one who started a business that flawlessly launched everything with no issues. These errors help us to learn lessons that hold such value that without them, believe it or not, the experience (and outcome) would not be as rewarding.

As the green begins to ripen, a natural ability to chose the right thing for your company becomes effortless. It’s a dance of turns and twists that straighten and become a beautiful, rhythmic flow, offering clarity, plus the ability to help others that are just beginning. Faux Pas are nothing to be ashamed of. Always remember it’s all a part of the dance. All things and experiences must ripen. Most everything begins “green.” Part of the beauty of life is learning, and not coming into the world already knowing. Let’s all grow together, shall we? It is a faux pas NOT to support and uphold one another.


Marci C. Lundy is a 30 something Southern California girl that is now based out of Denver, Colorado. She is the owner of 303 Dolls Face + Body Squared, as well as Sexy Earth Chicque Studios. Both product lines boast organic, spa grade, bath and body products. She is also a Photographer, with a greeting card line, Color Me Colorado. Marci resides in Denver with her husband, Stewart, a day trader, as well as council member for the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, and her adorably spoiled calico, Dutchess.