Melody PicOver the last few months I’ve been super quiet. I’ve been spending time in reflection, working hard to avoid depression, and once again remembering that when life deals you lemons… make lemonade:)

Back in October, my sense of identity really got screwed up.

First, I found out I was getting permanent hair loss due to some kind of menopausal thing, and now have to apply steroids daily to stop it.

Dreams of going bald and wearing a wig followed.  

Then, on Halloween evening, a woman emailed that she was trying to register for my upcoming event, but my website was gone. I immediately went to my site, and it was truly, unbelievably GONE.  But it had been there all day!

I Had Been Hacked…

And they took it all. Even the backups on the server.  

Ten years of my business life, gone.

How can this happen?  Why did this happen?  

Since October I have been going through the stages:  denial, anger, bargaining, depression (but only one pity party), and acceptance.

Am I Thankful I Got Hacked?

There’s been a real upside to all of this. It’s a clean slate, a fresh start, I’ve had to hit the reset button, etc. It has forced me to look at what I was doing and where I wanted to go.

 I realized I had a brand confusion problem.  

Since starting Urban Campfire, people were constantly asking: Do you still have CRAVE?  A clean slate – not just tweaking, tweaking, tweaking – was what the doctor ordered.  I needed a chance to get my message and branding refocused for today, instead of trying to make 10 years of CRAVE history still relevant.

What’s next?  

Today I reflect on the epic conversations started, and the stories heard from women all over the world.  I remember what got me out of my 2012 depression… how I found myself again.

Making every day count, not taking anything for granted… my husband and I speak of this often.  

I want more urgency and accountability.

So, I’ve committed to living my iCRAVElist 100% of the time.

FullSizeRender (5)If my fitbit keeps me on track with my step count,  why can’t I have accountability for my iCRAVES list?  

I’ve gathered a talent team, and now we’re busy creating new programs and events.  We’re on a mission! We want to help everyone to get obsessively specific about what they want, and then DOING what they love.  

Stay tuned!

This time of reflection and patience has been a huge challenge for my “startup junkie” personality.  I’m learning that not knowing what’s next is ok.  That just sitting with things is valuable.  That the right things come in their own time.  

And that I make great lemonade…

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Welcome to the next evolution of the CRAVE Company.

XOXO Melody