I’ve been working on my “non-negotiables” list for the last year. It’s been an interesting thing to ponder! Can we become so used to living in compromise we’re not even aware of it anymore? Has the norm become “Why would I do this to myself…?

Let’s dig deeper here with a bunch of questions.


IMG_4091You’re looking for a new job because you’re not in love with your current situation. Think about it.

Why are you even looking for a new opportunity?
Are you clear what you want and what you will NOT compromise?
Do you have kids and want flex time?
Could you approach this like an entrepreneur and know your value to the company? If the job gets done at the end of the day, who cares where it’s done, or what time it happens?

What about relationships?
Let’s start with self love and value ourselves so much that our relationships have a give and take that’s super balanced, and the love flows both ways equally.

Speaking of self love… what about your self care?
Are you compromising your health because of a stressful lifestyle? Are self-inflicting deadlines putting off that much needed retreat time you promised yourself last year?…that salsa class you blew off because a deadline was more important?

Seriously sister dudes. What if (just play with me here) you knew your non-negotiables and what you would NOT compromise…in every area of your life? What would happen if you made all your decisions based on them?

Would you lose some relationships? Would you not get that next opportunity? What would happen if you lost a friendship? Or lost your job? Or had your business fails?

What would happen if you had more time and space to create the life you really wanted… the life you crave:)

This is not a simple exercise. You will need to go deep within yourself and look at the ways you might be making compromises that are sabotaging your craves. 

How is a non-negotiable different from a crave? 

CRAVES are those things that represent the essence of you. They are the habits, experiences, people, and pursued dreams that fill you up with joy, fulfillment and satisfaction. 

Non-negotiables are the self-made promises that need to be put in place in order for the satisfaction of your CRAVES to be possible. 

Some of my non-negotiables are…

Waking up with my internal alarm clock,
Having a team that I can delegate to,
Keeping it – whatever I’m currently working on – simple,
Frequently going on walking and coffee dates with loved ones,
Being involved in a new business idea that’s being brought to life.

I know the consequences when I compromise any of these, and it’s so not worth it.

What are your non-negotiables?