Our CRAVE survey for this year is in!  Here are the top 12 CRAVES we have in common from our CRAVE your life program participants.


It’s been a connection, creativity & beauty year.  Add in lots of fuel foods, body movement, cold cash, and a need for learning.  Mix with some laughter and share with friends at the coffee bar.


No. 1  

Friendship & Connections top the list


What our survey says:

Time to connect, meaningful conversations, surround myself with people who inspire me.

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No. 2

Reading & Creativity


What our survey says:

Entire evenings spent immersed in a book, reading books that shift my thinking, figuring out what I want to do next, bringing my visions to life.


Why Diane Najm (CEO of Photopad) read 52 book on business last year – a CRAVE Interview. As the CEO of photopad.co,  she’s learned that in business it’s important to develop an inner confidence in the decisions you make.  Read about it here: https://www.thecravecompany.com/2015/08/diane-najm-crave-interview/


No. 3



What our survey says:

Connection time with my family – blood and otherwise, continuous deep connection with my kids, magical moments with my family, cuddles with my husband.


No. 4

Quiet time


What our survey says:

2 Meditations per day, minimum, 15 minutes of reflection, being present/live in the moment, at least 2 hours spent creative writing a day.


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No. 5

Beautiful space


What our survey says:

Creative space, beautiful design, a beautiful environment clear of clutter with deep rich color, organized open spaces.


Being able to express yourself in a confident manner is important. What style cravings can you satisfy that would make you feel more confident as you pursue your dreams and the full realization of your CRAVED life?

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No. 6




What our survey says:

Music that makes my heart happy, karaoke with friends, listen to music from my youth.


No. 7

Fuel food


What our survey says:

Superfoods, green drinks, eating healthy, well crafted food experiences, delicious meals and meaningful conversation.


No. 8

Water, sunshine, sunsets & beach walks


What our survey says:

To be close to water and trees, spend time outdoors as often as I want, going to the beach, sunshine – outdoors every day no matter what, sunny days, to work from a beach.


No. 9




What our survey says:

One smile per day, minimum, good laughs, having fun / making jokes / being silly, laughter love and connection, laughing back and forth with my insanely adorable nephew.


No. 10



What our survey says:

Money left over at the end of the month,  savings and long-range planning in the bag, abundant money, cash, being debt free, a fulfilling life after retirement, to do my company full time and to grow it into the powerhouse I know it will be.


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No. 11



What our survey says:

Learning, growing and evolving, discovery, travel, to be part of a community and learn from its leaders, solo time exploring.


Before leaving to travel the world. Thoughts on goal-setting, fear and starting where you are with Francesca Friesen  “In hindsight, I didn’t think about it. I just entered it. I didn’t dwell on it, because I didn’t have a lot of time. And that changed my life.”

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No. 12

Body & movement


What our survey says:

To feel sexy, confident and proud of my body, I need to feel confident in my own skin, loving my body, a regular workout routine that makes me stronger, mirror love, massages and retreats, yoga, dance, walking, hiking and intense workouts…mornings spent moving my body.


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And as always…it’s all about the little things: