Tamra Fleming flew in from Montana to attend our recent CO-STORM in Seattle.  We are loving her 12 take-aways.

1) Women are on fire with creative ideas that will change lives.

2) Brilliance coming from mentors who have lived the experience is invaluable.

3) Listening, absorbing and saying yes, is a core skill of an entrepreneurial woman.

4) Ideas coming from multiple sources merge into absolute business-changing moments.

5) Just the idea of gathering and exchanging ideas, which is so universal for women, fires up the game and ignites the soul.

6) Being willing to turn your idea on its head and look at it from all directions is key to making it a success.

7) One mentor said, “Be Remarkable” at what you do. Now, that I’m going to contemplate.

8) Everything stems from your mission and your values. Never compromise and always be ruthless with your heart’s calling.

9) Go to the top. Why not?

10) Be brave and courageous and committed.

11) The birth of an amazing business is hard work, but the rewards will be plentiful, whether in wisdom or financially or both.

12) Never stop dreaming and dream BIG. Women are on the rise, but not on the rise enough! Do not hide, go out there and do it, Just do it.