Our second co-storm is taking place in Seattle on January 23rd from 9am-3pm at Pike Place Market!! We have an exciting line-up of mentors joining us, and I’d like to introduce you to them. Even if you decide not to join us, these are some women that should be on your radar. 

Before I continue with the introductions, I’d like to share the following quote from a blog I subscribe to. I’d like to share it with you because I couldn’t have said it better. 

“There’s a very real sort of creative power that comes only from getting outside your own head. A muse (mentor, co-stormer) allows you to look at the world without your usual filters and desires, and inspires real problem solving.

Next time you’re stuck, step outside of your own mind. Think about how you’d solve your problems for someone else, or how they would solve it for you.”
Great ideas are only a conversation away. 
*Don’t know what a co-storm is? Learn more by clicking here

And now for the introductions. Drum roll please… here are our

Seattle Storm Muses and Mentors:

JONNA BELLA – Co-founder of NUBE9
About her:
Jonna’s work has taken her from startups to heritage institutions, from film and beauty industry to cancer research and higher education. Jonna’s expert use lies in development of a brand, and guiding companies to use that work to build engaging organizational structures.
LARA FELTIN –  Co-founder & CEO Biznik
About her:
Lara spent ten years developing a custom social media platform while building and managing a select community of 115,000 micro business owners. During that time she cultivated an expertise both in social software design, development and iteration, as well as in online community advancement and engagement.  

GILLIAN MUESSIG – Outlines Venture Group | co-founder Moz
About her: 
Gillian cuts through noise and bring clarity to strategic and tactical business decisions. With her partner at Outlines Venture Group, she grows and steers startups, helping to build intense brand communities, and creates corporate cultures that attract best in class talent.

CORDILA JOCHIM – Founder of corhouse.com
About her:
Once an award-winning luxury bag designer (Thickskin), actor and producer, Cor now speaks to women in leadership, corporate executives, and fellow start-up junkies on telling and claiming their story through the power of personal branding.   
SYDNEY MINTLE – Founder of Gossip & Glamour 
About her:
Sydney helps clients improve efficiency and amplify messaging to increase brand awareness. With over 15 years of experience in fashion marketing working with brands like SEE Eyewear, Uniqlo, Benefit Cosmetics, and Zumiez, Sydney is well-versed on industry trends and business strategy.

CANDICE CALDWELL – Principal Strategist and Consultant at Reveon
About her:
Bringing over 15 years of experience in marketing, branding, and business strategy direct from the start-up trenches, Candice parlays her knowledge of the retail, tech, and fashion industries into her role as mentor/strategic advisor to entrepreneurs at Reveon.

SARA DEAN – Owner of Sync Fitness Boot Camp
About her:
Sarah is a tribe builder, body image fixer and selfish mom thought leader. She has been a fitness professional and business owner since 2003. Her passion is helping women learn to use exercise and nutrition as a means of loving their bodies, not hating them. 

MIKKI KINGREY  – Founder of Real Results Mentoring
About her: 
Mikki is a conscious business consultant, authentic sales strategist, and transformational coach for women. She supports women entrepreneurs to LOVE the sales conversation, and to implement a strategy that aligns their greatness with their purpose, passion, and personal definition of success.
VICTORIA OLDRIDGE – Co-founder/CPO of Joule Inc
About her: 
A background that encompasses fifteen years of high-level corporate and tech startup experience, Victoria is currently co-founder/CPO of Joule Inc., advisor to startups and the non-profit, Limbitless, and a writer/journalist. She is a contributor for NBC’s TODAY, Huffington Post, Maria Shriver and Yahoo, and was one of three journalists selected in 2015 to attend the Diane von Furstenberg Awards at the United Nations.
BRIDGET PEREZ – Principal and Creative Director at TRAY
About her: 
With more than 20 years in the creative-sphere, she has held leadership roles with universities and media companies, and provided strategic direction for brand identity, marketing campaigns, and user experience design for dozens of organizations. Bridget believes that values-alignment and integrity are the key to every successful relationship.

 – Founder of FreshJess
About her: 
Jess is a writer, strategist and public speaker, focused on personal branding, social media, networking and blogging. She created FreshJess.com, a Seattle-based life & style blog, in 2008 to offer a unique perspective on life, health and style in the Pacific Northwest. 

CARRIE MCILVEEN – Founder of Bella Cupcake Couture
About her: 
Carrie has over 18 years of business and product marketing experience, and is passionate about customers, branding, problem-solving, strategy development and being a results-driven leader. Her current business generates 6-figure sales annually as the market leader.
About her:
The author of CRAVING Success: a startup junkies path from passion to profits, Melody has trotted down virtually every entrepreneurial trail in existence. With 23 business ventures under her belt, you might even call her a lifelong “start-up junkie.”

When is the storm?

Saturday, January 23rd from 9am -3pm 

Venue: Pike Place Market
Cost: $97
To apply:
 Fill out this short form with the ideas/projects you would like to put into the storm. Also tell us what skills/talents you can bring to the collaborations.

We are looking for a variety of skills and projects to make our mash-up the best it can be. If you are picked, you will hear from us within 48 hours of your application.  

Space is limited.

Melody and the CRAVE team