melody_circleI just got back from an epic trip to NYC. The last day I had lunch with a friend and she told me that I had an inner battle with myself that she has seen in me for awhile now. She didn’t elaborate what she thought It might be about. What am I fighting with myself about?

Why haven’t I figured this out in therapy? I teach people how to create their non-negotiables. I have nailed down my 100 things i CRAVE. I live with intention daily. I KNOW my non-negotiables. So why are her words so powerful to me? She is a person I respect immensely so I listen when she talks. When someone tells you something and you have an immediate reaction I believe you need to dig deep and go there.

Since starting my Co-Storming events, I have noticed the tough love mentors are giving our attendees is hitting nerves. Sometimes just saying you need more confidence hits nerves big time. My advice is to listen to yourself and if someone sees something for you and you have a reaction, then pay attention.

Not knowing what the nerve is, is very uncomfortable. I journaled it out on the plane ride home, and what it comes down to is the same thing every time. Get used to the unknown and ok being uncomfortable, because it’s just going to keep happening…it’s just no fun!

Trust keeps coming up for me this year. I went to a retreat a month ago, and we put together a wisdom board. Trust popped up out of pages of journaling. Trust myself and trust in others.

About trusting myself: when I’m wishy washy it comes through loud and clear, and I can’t hide it.

Another muse asked me what I would regret on my deathbed. I said without hesitation I would regret not hitting it out of the ballpark once in my life. Where did that come from? I have had many failures but have hit some home runs too. I want to hit it out of the ball park! Is that what I am fighting with myself about?

I don’t feel like I can hit it out of the ballpark alone. I would have to trust in others and trust myself to trust in others.

Can I do it?

Do you struggle with inner battles? I would love to hear about them.






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