Last year I was struggling with what direction I wanted to go next with my business.  The CRAVE Company started in 2001, and 15 years later i’m still inventing/reinventing it.

Focusing on women in business, we have brought together masterminds, symposiums, shopping parties, vulnerable dinner parties, and produced books in several cities featuring women doing cool things.  It’s always been about creating community for women.

Where to go next?

I happened to be listening to a podcast interview with a girl named Selena Soo, who was rising fast in the business consulting world.   She dropped some names of people I knew and I wanted to know more.  I signed up for her mailing list and scheduled a listen to her upcoming webinar.  Then I found myself signing up for her full six month course.  Even though I have been in business over 30 years and inspire others to do the same, I was needing a fresh shot in the arm.  





Watch the interview here.

I was committed to being on the “other side of the table,” so I took this seriously, didn’t miss a class,  did the homework.  Being in a course with people from all over the world was inspiring. Getting a fresh perspective is one of the things I live for.  Her first assignment was to think of 20 people to reach out to for research.  This motivated me to think about who I wanted to reconnect with, and what I wanted to talk to them about.  I could go so many ways.

Listening to Selena’s experience with putting on long term programs prompted me to ditch a couple ideas that were failing fast anyway, and to focus on shorter term projects which offered simplicity.  I am thankful for the time spent going through her program, because it forced me to flush out ideas and try on a few, pivot and land on something I am super pumped about.  I call it CO-STORMING™.

Yes I could have come to this conclusion on my own.  But I know myself,  and I need accountability and continuous inspiration to move my dial.








I encourage you to check Selena’s upcoming webinar and decide for yourself if you could use a shot in the arm. Because I believe in this program so much, I’m a proud partner, helping Selena reach new students.

If you’re ready to give yourself the chance to see what’s possible for your business, she has a free report you can get here: and her free webinar is coming up in a few days that you don’t want to miss here:

XO Melody