Tell us a bit about you! Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Molly Bullard and I am the founder of Seattle Photo Organizing. I help clients organize their print memorabilia, digitize and share their memories. I work 1/1 with clients, teach group digital photo organizing classes on both PC and Mac platforms, and create legacy books and milestone videos.

Prior to being an entrepreneur, I was a data analyst, sales & marketing manager for Oracle Corporation and stay-at-home-mom.

Why did you sign up for a CO-STORM?

At the beginning of 2016 I wrote out my goals for the year. The list included a lot of the same ideas from last year and a few new growth opportunities but I really lacked motivation. After ten years of building my photo organizing it was a well-oiled machine, like they say, “if it isn’t broken, why fix it?”. My right side of the brain was shooting for the moon but my left side was fighting harder to stay status-quo.

January turned into February and then I received the Facebook post about the Co-Storm event. I watched the event video, read about the mentors, and felt this childhood enthusiasm to PUSH myself. I really felt like an opportunity like this might push me out of my comfort zone, and I liked that.

What are the people in the CO-STORM like (including instructor + fellow stormers)?

I learned quickly that the network of mentors and attendees is robust. The first group I was paired with at the Co-Storm were from my industry and just as I thought they could help me, I thought I could help them. It felt great to be a part of someone else’s journey just as I expected their support of mine.


What were some of your breakthroughs?

I went into the event with a very open-mind. I thought that others will see me, my business, and industry very differently than I do and that their perspective is not readily available to me anywhere as a solo entrepreneur. The most interesting comment was about me choosing to be an industry leader within the photo organizing industry – with my ten years of experience, technical skills, and foresight to protect our personal digital content, now is the time for me to lead others, and I want to!

What was your favorite part of the CO-STORM experience?

I loved listening to other women entrepreneurs talk about their goals and challenges. I had to learn the hard way about self-employment tax fees and recognizing that some business offerings were too much of an emotional and/or business expense for me to maintain. Each of these fellow mentees were honest about their passion, failures, and fears which made me feel connected to a like-minded, motivated group.

How have you applied the strategies or goals after the CO-STORM?

I have tuned and tuned my plans since attending the Co-Storm event. Each week I spend time working toward my goals and it feels like I am able to focus more and more on a clear path.  

What would you say if you were recommending a CO-STORM to a friend?

Accountability is a wonderful thing. It is proven that we will lose more weight if we have a buddy helping us through the tough late-night cravings. All of us at the Co-Storm event are now each other’s support system. We listened intently to each other, offered advice, and exchanged contact information with the anticipation that we will reconnect soon to share our progress. This environment is just the right amount of “family” to keep us moving forward.      


How do you feel right now?

I feel supported. I have my existing support group and this new one that believes I can achieve my dreams.

What motivates you on a daily basis?

Helping people gain confidence with their technology and reconnect with family and friends through photos.

What do you CRAVE?

I crave smiles. I spend time each day engaging with people I know, and don’t know, in an effort to get them to smile. Photos and the stories behind them bring out the best in each of us.