Ingredient #1 KISS Keep it Simple. Simplicity is Sexy.

Every July, we gear up for my side hustle business selling strawberry shortcake at Seattle’s largest food festival: The Bite of Seattle. It’s a great reminder of the opportunity for KISS-my first basic CRAVE/biz ingredient.

A big key to our 27 years of success is simplicity.  In the early years, I veered off on a few tangents, thinking other items would be as popular as our original features – shortcakes, scones, brownies and Berry Coolers. I tried berry cobbler, pie-in-a-bag, and even s’mores (because I am crazy about marshmallows).  None of them sold like shortcakes. And can you imagine the difficulty roasting marshmallows, one by one, over a hot charcoal trough, while hundreds of people stood in line watching you make a sticky, chocolaty mess of yourself? Those items ended up being more trouble than they were worth.  

I learned that the sexy biz ingredients are the simple ones – easy to make, easy to sell. People tell us all the time the only reason they came to the fair is for our shortcake.  All we need to do is apply new paint to our booth and set up shop.                                                                                                                                                                                

The first thing I do when I work with a new client is help streamline their menu of products or services.  I ask: What is the simplest menu of products or services you can offer?    I find we all have a tendency to add when, in fact, we usually need to subtract.  Simple is not always an easy thing to accomplish. We get caught up in the excitement of possibilities and more often it ends up confusing the end user.

Look at the above picture — talk about brain overwhelm for your customer (not to mention a lot more work for you). Would you even guess that one of the 45 menu items is shortcakes?

Be known for one thing and be really good at it. This clarity also makes your elevator pitch, marketing, and mission statement more effective.  Go deep with it and don’t veer off and distract yourself and your audience. Simple and sexy attracts.

What are you putting into your menu of products or services?



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