Join our summer solstice time-out and get a fresh take on your biz.  Come hang with us on June 11th from 10am -3pm

Throughout the day, you’ll participate in intimate “think-tank” pods with innovative business mentors, primed to help you take your business or idea to the next level.  Our experts are women at the top of their game, who will breathe life and focus into your goals and dreams.

Meet our Business Mentors:

ANGELAngela-Shen-Savor-Seattle-Food-Tours-CEOA SHENFounder of Savor Seattle Food Tours Dishing on overcoming your inner battle and moving forward to make smart decisions.  Angela juggles her successful full-time business headquartered in the Pike Place Market with over 30 employees, with taking care of her whole self, and being a loving mom to two young children.   


gina  GINA FRESQUEZ– Founder of  Women’s Side Hustle Society –Dishing on having (or starting) a side hustle or passion project and want to take it mainstream. Gina has found the sweet spot of juggling her corporate job she loves and being a mom to a toddler with her side hustle, a Freedom Catalyst for multi passionate women on a mission to change the world through their side gig.


LARA FEL FeltonLTIN – Co-Founder & CEO Biznik –Dishing on fleshing out a business model and learning how to prototype. Lara’s passion for the one-page business canvas and her experience of  ten years in business will help you shed light on moving your business forward and gain insight on the questions you should be asking yourself.



MARIE POULIN – Co-Founder Oki Doki Dishing on creating an online or in-person program to elevate your 1:1 consulting business. Joining us from Vancouver BC,  her expertise is helping small business owners build, launch, and market online courses, products and programs.  Marie’s tips on running a more profitable businesses are invaluable.


CARRICarrieJonesE JONES – COO of CMX Dishing on tips for building a community to create an unbreakable business. As the COO and Founding Partner of CMX, the hub for the up-and-coming community industry, Carrie knows what it takes to gather your tribe and reap the business rewards.  She has built communities for tech products with millions of users, advised companies on community strategy, and is always working to build small local initiatives.



LYNN CHAMBERS- Founder of Lynn Chambers Consulting – Dishing on moving past your limiting beliefs around money and learn about cash-flow.  Lynn is basically a financial shrink. This is a (no boring) conversation about your personality and how you can show up big instead of reverting back to small when struggling with cash flow.


CATHARcathyINE GATELY – Founder of Cantadora Communications – Dishing on telling your story effectively.  Cathy has been empowering individuals, companies and organizations to find their story magic, and “tell it and sell it” in strategic and creative ways to advance their business mission.


MANPRmanpreet_photobin-1 (1)EET DHILLON – Organizational Management Consultant – Dishing on overhauling your life and considering a career or business change.  Joining us from Vancouver BC, Manpreet has been serving women to be better leaders in their personal and professional lives. Her passion for diversity is contagious.


Tina-Pic-for-Site (1)TINA NOLE –  Founder of Larj Media – Dishing on making a podcast.  Tina’s over a decade of award-winning broadcast journalism led to the founding of Larj Media, a company that helps thought leaders, celebrities and brands find their podcasting voice, and ensure their audience hears it. Larj Media helps clients tell a compelling story, with national network quality recording, production and editing.


The Details

Saturday,  June 11th– 10am – 3pm





Location: MAKERS: a modern and chic, co-working space near Pike Place Market

Itinerary for the CRAVE Business Solstice

9:30am – 10:00am Register and prepare to be inspired.

10:00am-10:15 Kick off

10:30-11:15am  Pick your think-tank pod

11:30 – 12:15pm  Pick your think-tank pod

12:15 – 1:15 Lunch break on your own

1:30– 2:15pm  Pick your think-tank pod

2:30-3:00 Powerhouse session with our experts

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