ANGELA SHEN – Founder of Savor Seattle Food Tours
Never react to emotional difficulties on the first day,  give it 24 hours…everything has a different perspective in 24 hours. Get your battle royale out of your brain and onto paper. It will help you be more objective and stop wasting energy running a mental marathon.



 GINA FRESQUEZ – Founder of Women’s Side Hustle Society
 Structure creates freedom. Become a master of your time by staying focused and scheduling  everything.  With change brings fear. Constantly be working on your mindset and addressing fears  to move forward. 


L Felton

 LARA FELTIN – Co-Founder & CEO Biznik
 Most new business ideas are assumptions we’ve made about a problem we believe we can solve  for an audience. If you’re stuck on how to move forward, focus on a just one problem you believe  you can solve. Taking steps to prove that 1) the problem is real, and 2) your business idea actually solves it, makes the parts that don’t work more recognizable, and the path for how to move forward more clear.



 MARIE POULIN – Co-Founder Oki Doki
 Start small and focused; run a pilot version or MVP (minimum viable product) before you invest  tons of time and resources into building an online course that may or may not sell. Adopt an  iterative mindset if you want to make real traction. 



 To start building community find 5-10 people you think would care about your business, and send  each an invite to grab coffee (your treat!) so you can ask them for advice about what you’re  building or for support or mentorship. At the end of the  meeting, ask them to introduce you to someone else who might be interested and ask if you can keep in touch through email or a Facebook Group.



 LYNN CHAMBERS – Founder of Lynn Chambers Consulting
 When your monthly budget goes sideways 1). Realize we only get 12 times a year to practice our  spending plan. Ease up on yourself.  2). Look back 2 months and see where the money (all of it!)  went.  Do this without judgement. Tally it up and ask yourself if this is where you want the $ to go.  If it is, great! If not…let’s look at how to adjust it! Small steps yield great strides.



 CATHARINE GATELY – Founder of Cantadora Communications
 Be authentic and tell your true story. You never know who needs to hear your story. Don’t  undervalue it. Make sure the story you tell drives your business mission, and keep it simple. 


manpreet_photobin-1 (1)

 MANPREET DHILLON – Organizational Management Consultant
 Organizational Management Consultant
 When you are overwhelmed thinking about making a change, become curious. Curious about what  is possible. Overwhelm is a great emotion as it shows us that we are uncomfortable with where we are at. Ask yourself: what am I really scared of? What is the worst thing that can happen? What is the best thing that could happen? If I were to take 3 actions what would they be? Then just schedule the next three actions. Your brain just needs to see a path to move through the overwhelm.


Tina-Pic-for-Site (1)

 TINA NOLE –  Founder of Larj Media
 The top podcast providers are reporting that the average amount of time a listener will tune into  a podcast is for 30+ minutes. That means 30 minutes of your direct consumer/target audience’s  undivided attention – a perfect opportunity to establish yourself as a thought leader in your field.


MELODY BIRINGER – Founder of The CRAVE Company
Live from a deep place inside and be obsessively specific about where you are going.  Even if  you think you are ready to go, look at it again and cut it in half.  Keep it simple…simple is sexy.

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