Ingredient #2: If You Have the X and Y, Someone Else Can Bring the Z

I had no idea how to go about producing a book, but ended up with CRAVE books featuring women entrepreneurs in 26 cities. Throwing an event isn’t a natural thing for me, but I have been in the event business for the last 15 years. Writing is not my favorite thing, nor my forte, but I am a published author. I barely know how to use my microwave, yet have sold millions of dollars of strawberry shortcake. Here’s my secret ingredient: You don’t have to have all the answers; you don’t have to do it all yourself. Just add in the Z.

As entrepreneurs, we’re predictably caught up in the idea that we have to do it all, and we’re reluctant to pay for outside talent. Or we suffer from the perfectionism plague– only you can do it right, and every aspect of your launch or project has to be perfect before you can move forward.

Whoa right there! If that’s what you’re doing and thinking, STOP IT! Bringing in the “Z”’s, the outside expertise, can make a huge difference

When I start a project or business, I first visualize how the end result will look…then work backwards. I assume there will be “HOWS” I don’t know, and that I will need help…and I budget for this.

For instance, I found an overseas publishing expert for the CRAVE books, which enabled me to produce and expand. I wouldn’t have been able to build the CRAVE community without some great event planners. And if you ever see me in a kitchen baking shortcake biscuits, you’ll know I am not thinking about strategy or growing a well oiled machine.


(Biringer Farm parfait style shortcakes, outsourced from a local bakery – my “Z”)

Now over to you. You are the fabulous X and the unstoppable Y of your business. But there’s that pesky Z that you discover you need help with. Maybe it’s the graphic design; maybe it’s the social media. Whatever it is, you know someone else could do it better than you, which would ultimately make your business better. How do you find them? Who can you trust?

As scary as it seems, letting other people help you can be a very good thing. Don’t be terrified of the “Z Factor”.

XO Melody

P.S. Don’t forget to surround yourself with cheerleaders. Those are your biggest “Z”’s

P.P.S. Need help figuring out what you do best and identifying who should be your “Z” ? Work with me: