Ingredient #4: When it’s EASY, stop everything & FOCUS.

Looking back over the multiple businesses I have run, it seems the successful ones happened with ease.  When the product sold right away, when people contacted me first, when everyone was saying yes, those businesses were natural evolutions of who I am.  

CRAVEparty is my favorite example–  I dreamed up this business concept based on a mashup of a girl’s night out, pajama party, spa services and something super important to me –making genuine connections.

When I decided to throw the first CRAVEparty, I emailed about 100 people, called my favorite boutique stores and spas, and asked them to come out and play at The Ruins, a swanky club in Seattle. There was to be shopping, pedicures, fashion shows, music, goody bags and pink drinks.

Three nights of parties sold out within two weeks. We had a rockin’ full house, the press came, and the buzz started to happen. After that first series of parties, I started booking CRAVEparties every quarter in different venues around town and sold out every time.

Whoa! Where did that come from?  I can’t tell you how many women come to our parties, saying “Thank you for giving me the excuse to come out,  spend time with my girlfriends, pamper myself,  and meet new people.” I’d been craving girlfriend time — it seemed others were too.


It turned out I wasn’t alone in my frustrations seeing my best friend only two times a year and not being around like-minded peeps. Getting girlfriend time on the calendar seems to get lost behind other priorities. We say we want to get together, but unless we agree on a date, time and place, it doesn’t happen. I had hit a nerve. The potential for CRAVE seemed endless.   

As a result, I was very lucky with the media. I was mentioned in Lucky Magazine. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer called me for an interview and put it on the front cover of the business section. The Puget Sound Business Journal saw this and then did a story on me. Entrepreneur magazine called. The next thing I knew I was in the  Wall Street Journal and the New York Times!

With CRAVEparties becoming a hot property, was it just a trend or could it scale, I wondered? Could I take this to other cities where I wasn’t connected? Time to regroup and think this all through. I could see the opportunity to expand in a big way but everything was moving so fast, and I was still running the Biringer business full time.

It took some time, reflection (and a few other coming ingredients), but in the end I realized I needed to put my focus on what was working and expand CRAVEparties to other cities.  I closed a fitness studio I owned (which was definitely not going “easy”), and my husband took over most of the Biringer operation.

When you are doing what you are supposed to be doing, everything is easier.  Alignment with who you are can make for a business that feels almost effortless.

So when ease is ruling, stop everything else and pay attention. If your heart’s racing, your energy is soaring, or conversely, you feel a really peaceful calm of ‘rightness’ inside… focus. When it’s clear you’ve struck a nerve, go with it. This almost never happens— don’t miss the chance.

XO Melody

P.S.  Need permission to go for it or help deciding on what to focus on?  I can help you.

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