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8 steps to take you from FREAK to flow

This month’s CRAVEfuel theme, perfect for these ghoulish Halloween-y days , is FREAKOUTS!     Last week in Vancouver, Aileende la Torre, Co-founder and Creative Flow Originator of SPARK creations, spoke about how to move from FREAK to flowwwww – here are 8 tips to get you started: 1. Breathe:  Create space in your mind and heart…

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Business Faux Pas: Tres Chic? YES.

We’ve always been intrigued by the pages of fashion magazines when September arrives but sometimes we have to wonder how we ever thought things like swishy pants or scrunchies were a good idea. Like fashion faux pas, business faux pas become even more detrimental. Find out that those mistakes you made are actually rather common when it comes to being a business owner. So here’s to coming together, strutting our past mistakes down the runway, turning them into positives and making sure that our mistakes can help turn into other’s solutions. CRAVE asked Marci C. Lundy, an online boutiques owner what her take is on business faux pas! Here's her take on making mistakes...

Recap of Urban Campfire by Natalia Iakovleva

On Tuesday we left Vancouver early to attend an event in Seattle, which intrigued us with the fact that our favorite and most influential photographer and educator, Sue Bryce was going to be there.

Consistently Increase Your Revenue With Email Marketing

Email campaigns are a highly effective way to deliver interesting and valuable content to every prospective, current and past customer. They provide the perfect medium for the personal touch you need to create incredible relationships – the kind of relationships that build trust and earn you income, not just once, but consistently over time.

Shopping This Summer

With more and more local shops making the transition and adding online boutiques to their brick and mortar storefronts. CRAVE asked Marci C. Lundy, an online boutiques owner just why she gives online shopping an A+! Here's what she had to say...

Sushi 101

I’m a CRAVE intern who was born overseas. I spent the majority of my childhood, and the earliest years of my young adult life, in Japan. During that time I developed a love for the the people, the culture, and the food. I’m always in the mood for Japanese food. Especially sushi. Now, I’ve always been able to differentiate between traditional and Westernized sushi, but I didn’t know that there is a traditional way to eat sushi. A right way. Which means I’ve been eating my sushi the wrong way for years!

Successful Reinvention: Flipping It Upside Down

“When we started the doing the CRAVE books, featuring women all over the world the, business did not actually work for the first four years. And I was very frustrated...I saw that Seinfeld episode where George did everything in the opposite. Things just weren’t working out for him and he was like, ‘I’m going to say yes instead of no.’ I decided I was going to try that.” -Melody Biringer

Online Businesses: The Lowest of Low Overhead

I cannot even begin to express how delightful is to be able to run a business 24/7. Never needing to close shop, always aware of "foot" traffic, sales, and being "under construction" could simply be for an afternoon.. no hard hats needed.

Online Tools for Lightening Your Entrepreneurial Load

As an entrepreneur you are constantly pulled in a thousand different directions. From marketing to scheduling, your plate is full. Let the web do the work for you! Save time and money with these easy online tools.