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Beauty Game + Business Game: Keeping It All Together

Going to bed at one in the morning and rising at six in the morning.. acceptable maybe once or twice, but not on the regular. Who am I kidding, such a disastrous ritual is a sad sign of the time for those of us juggling a zillion things. All of the "but first, coffee" photos people love to add to their Pinterest accounts and Facebook timelines are factual.

5 Simple Steps to Organizing Your Mind and Creating Space to Focus On Your Marketing

Joseph Ghabi said, “Your life will begin changing the moment you decide that you want it to. In order to facilitate change you must first be willing to allow it to manifest in your life, your heart, and in your thoughts.” The same principle applies to growing your business. If you want to serve more people, create more profits, and enjoy more freedom in your business, you must make the decision to do things differently than you are currently doing. And that starts with your mindset.

The Virtual Oscars Party Recap

This last Sunday, The CRAVE Company hosted a virtual Oscar party with the help of our friends at Ovaleye.TV. This was livestream private chat during the Red Carpet Party and Oscars ceremony. We had a handful of our favorite CRAVE woman host and provide commentary during the event. We caught up with a few of them recently to reflect and hear their thoughts on our first virtual party.

Venturing Into New Businesses

How often have you thought the words, “If I owned my own company, I would...?” Being your own boss definitely has its advantages, but being you’re your own boss means you have to have savvy business concepts that set you apart.

Adventures to High 5 Pie

It all started early in the morning, I had a hankering for some savory pastries and had recently heard about this amazing place, High 5 Pie, located at the heart of Seattle’s Capitol Hill. As I walked through the doors, the décor is what caught my eyes; modern lights and tables with a splash of vintage. A large, old pie sign hangs on top of the door and flowers donned every table.

Utilizing Public Relations to Promote Your Business

It is a no-brainer that good public relations can help you sell your business. But often times many business owners overlook PR when promoting their image. Developing a public relations plan can help build awareness and visibility for your brand and/or business. There are many things that you can do to manage your own PR. Here are a few tips and tricks from our own experience.

6 Healthy Ways to Treat Yourself on Valentine's Day!

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and rather than breaking all of our New Year’s Resolutions with boxes of chocolate and candy hearts, we decided to explore the many healthy ways to treat your loved ones (and yourself) on this special day. We have many businesses within the CRAVE network that are offering some fabulous deals on this day of love.

Valentine's Day Presents for Your Man

Having a difficult time deciding on what to buy your husband/boyfriend/guy friend for Valentine’s Day this year? We know that CRAVE women are extremely busy with their successful businesses to go gift hunting. Do not fret, we at CRAVE have searched and looked to find you the best and most perfect present for that special someone. Here we have an assortment of gifts from a select few genius female business owners!

2013's First Chicago Wakeup

January’s CRAVE Chicago Mastermind Wake-Up was an inspirational morning! By discussing hot topics and issues that entrepreneurs face on a day to day basis and coming up with ideas to overcome these hurdles, the ladies left with that little extra “oomph” to get them through the day.