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My inner battle with myself

I just got back from an epic trip to NYC. The last day I had lunch with a friend and she told

CRAVE Phoenix on TV

Check out this great segment featuring our CRAVE Phoenix leader Shawna introducing CRAVE to the world.

Tic Toc What Are You Waiting For?

Fail Fast - It may sound like strange business advice, but I've invested a lot of money and years to learn this valuable lesson - so trust me. If it seems harsh to propose failing fast, imagine the alternative of failing slowly - with the small heart attacks that never end year after year. Dare to fail fast.


CRAVE made the news! Watch this special segment all about the power of women entrepreneurs, straight off the heels of the CRAVE Denver guide launch!

What’s The Bravest Thing You’ve Ever Done?

Continuing our monthly theme of risk taking in life and business we would like to share with you this great post from Chris Guillebeau. Read more and get started with taking your own life changing risks!

Video: CRAVE Women Speak Out On Risk

If you're craving a little adventure, stay tuned because we've got four fabulous CRAVE entreprenesses sharing their experiences with risk on video for your viewing pleasure! We encourage you to watch this video and explore this month's blog posts as you develop your own risk-taking style. Enjoy!

Bloggers To Watch Out For: Career Coaches

Over the past few months, the number of people quitting their jobs was greater than the number of people losing their jobs. Savvy quitters build a support network before they take the plunge, and brilliant quitters enlist professional help. Enter: the Certified Career Coach. One part therapist. One part cheerleader. Two parts butt-kicking taskmaster.

CRAVE Book Featured on the Small Screen

Just in time for Mother's Day, our CRAVE guides were featured on Twin Cities Live as the perfect gift for stylish moms everywhere! Watch the clip here and see our lovely books take center-stage!

Do It Yourself Design Inspirations We CRAVE

One of the highlights of spring is rebirth and getting a new lease on life. Well, how about doing the same for your home or an old piece of furniture? Small changes are sure to make a large difference in any home! We love to turn to designspongeonline.com for inspiration.