At The CRAVE Company, our focus is on bringing ambitious women together to create positive change and momentum in their careers and personal lives.
We connect women by facilitating authentic conversations in trendy spaces around USA and Canada. Our mission is to create nurturing environments which give women in business the courage to share their stories and learn from one another. 
We love to innovate and, just like our community, as a company we’re constantly evolving – this consistent reinvention is an important part of our brand. It’s how we stay valuable to the women we support. 

Co-Storming attendees follow the same demographic patterns as those who attend CRAVE events. Based on 14 years of CRAVE success we know our women:


subscribers and followers

in 25+ cities

across the USA,
Canada & Europe


supporters of

local, small



year-old women

$80,000+ average hhi
65% are homeowners
70% shop online monthly


business owners



Our reach is relevant and packs a punch. Not only are our attendees fully charged in the world of social media, our mentors have impressive followings as well. Our mentor cohort has a social media imprint of over 150,000 followers.


CO-STORMING™ is a methodology and facilitation strategy for gathering large groups of people together in a safe and empowering environment. It takes into account how people form lasting relationships, group dynamics, and what causes people to make positive changes.


Bringing people together not only creates a sense of connection and belonging, it can actually change the direction of their their career and life. When individual lives are positively affected by others within their own company, the company itself benefits.

Love notes from our sponsors

“I wanted to thank you again for creating such a fantastic event. I met so many wonderful people because of you. Thank you so much.” —Kate Dowling, Starbucks

“I just wanted to say, thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this event. It was original, creative and inspiring. Thank you very much, and I absolutely LOVE the emotional hangover kit. Count us in for the next one!!!!” —Kayla Cook, Precept Wine

“You should be so very proud of what you put together, whom you brought together, and how it all came together. My #5 rating wasn’t for perfection in execution or even content — it was for the level of ‘happy’ I felt as I left the vent. And when push comes to shove, that is the measure of a successful event.” —Gayle Sammons, Compendium Inc.

“Thank you for having LUNA Bar as a part of CRAVE. We were delighted to see everyone enjoying their S’mores LUNA Bars, and glad we could be the smart, balanced snack to fuel an amazingly jam-packed day. Looking forward to the next one!” —Jess Estrada, CLIF Bar and Company

“What an amazing event, you should be very proud of what you accomplished at CRAVE. I was truly honored to be included in such an amazing sponsorship line-up. The feedback I received from many of the attendees was amazing and many indicated that the speakers inspired them to take action in many areas of their life. It was great to be a part of this unique and fun event and to be surrounded by a group of amazing women. My passion is to have an impact on others through the work I do and the experiences I have had and in return I am impacted each day. This event was a great place to renew that passion. Please let me know if I can contribute to other events you may have in the future.” —April Wilson, Pacific Capital Resource Group, Inc.

Past Sponsors of The CRAVE Company


Sponsorship Packages for a public CO-STORM Event

Bringing together OVER 100 influencers


1 Available | $3,000

  • Overall event “presented by” branding
  • Logo placement on all event promotional materials, mic and website ad placement
  • 5 event passes
  • 3–5-minute infomercial plug from stage during sponsor welcome address
  • Post-event message recognition

8 Available | $250

  • Opportunity to sponsor a breakout session
  • Introduction by session expert
  • 1 event passes
  • Website ad placement
  • Post-event message recognition

BOOTH PLACEMENT                                                                                                                                                                                 5 Available | $500

  • Onsite space to display business
  • 1-minute infomercial plug from stage
  • 2 event passes
  • Website ad placement
  • Post-event message recognition


The CRAVE Company Team is open to any additional sponsorship pitches that may not be listed in the packet. For more information, contact Melody Biringer at or 206.940.5249.

co-storm4What’s people are saying…

“Co-storming was magical. When I arrived, I was really stuck inside my own head. Having someone else’s eyes on my project and hearing about their experiences helped me to see what I could not. It pushed me to get through the hard part and launch a major project.” Erin Anacker, People Enthusiast Founder of Betwixt  

“A full day put aside to create, challenge my ideas, kick me in the pants when needed and then turn around and help another do the same thing for their business was so rewarding. It was the final push I needed to launch my new brand and gain insight on how I can build my business to the next level.” ~ Melissa K Harris, Brand Architect

“Co-storming was a reflective experience. It was like having someone verbalize the things in your brain that you may not have been able to articulate prior. For me 2 major changes happened. First, I could see where I was missing the big picture. I was totally focused on my mistakes and missed the successes. Second, I was able to reinforce some of my ‘gut feelings’ about how to grow that I was talking myself out of.” ~ Andrea Scott, Founder of Skoah®

“Co-storming was one of the most effective and efficient way to get the ball rolling again in my business that I have ever experienced.  The best part was having myself and another experienced business professional focus together on my issues and it was that extra attention and push that created the momentum that I could then run with.” Kim Heath  CA, CPA, JD

“Co-storming is euphoric from the moment you sit down to the moment you walk away. Having the creativity, expertise, and perspective of another person in the trenches with me and intensely focused on my business of serving working Moms left me with two gifts: Clarity around how to simplify my offerings and new opportunities around partnering with like-minded change makers. I left feeling confident, enthusiastic, and much calmer about bringing it all to life. ~ Sarah Gibbons, Founder and CEO of Conscious Working Mama

“I showed up at my #CoStorming date with a massive list of possibilities. And that’s all it was: a list. I left my #CoStorming date with a very specific “next best step”, plus a short-term plan and a TON of clarity that is simply not possible to find when you are always working away by yourself. #CoStorming rocks!” ~ Shirley Weir, Founder of