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I would like to invite you to join the CRAVE Company’s latest offering:  CRAVE Your Life. This six week program was designed to get you obsessively specific about what you want, so you can start getting it.

It was scary to position myself as a teacher, and yet I knew I had something valuable to share.  So I said yes to launching a program I’d been developing for eight years to help myself, and now other women to live the life they CRAVE.

I created a system with my 100 things i CRAVE list to really get to know myself, and to live every day with intention, rather than waking up and going straight to email and living on other’s terms.  I will share the tools and techniques I believe will give you clarity about your unique and specific CRAVES.  In a safe supportive atmosphere we’ll develop accountability, and identify your non-negotiables.

Growth and forward momentum can be a little scary.  But you don’t have to do it alone.  That’s why we created the CRAVE Your Life program.  Are you saying yes to yourself?  Are you living a life and pursuing a career you CRAVE?


I’d love to start working with you one on one today…I guarantee you won’t regret it!




Work one-on-one with Melody for $395
Payment Plan Option A – 2 payments of $197.50
Payment Plan Option B – 3 payments of $131.66


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Are you living the life you CRAVE?

Click on the link below for a quick test. (grab a piece of paper and a pencil)

If your answers are on the low to middle end of the spectrum (with a total score between 9 and 65), we created this program specifically for you.

Crave Your Life Test

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If your answers are on the low to middle end of the spectrum (with a total score between 9 and 65), we created this program specifically for you.

We want to see you living a life that is more than a well-rehearsed balancing act. After producing events across the country and hearing the stories of how thousands of women live their lives every day, we believe that living the life you CRAVE is a conscious decision – one that you can make, starting now.


Your Story…the Kick-off Call 

We’ll start with you mapping out the time-line of your life. Knowing the life you CRAVE starts with knowing who you are and the stories & patterns that have shaped you. We’ve created a unique process to help you tell your story, with all its tragedies and triumphs, in a way that will provide clarity for your future.



100 Things You Crave

Use your story to start getting clear on what you CRAVE in the six key areas of your life. We get intentionally specific, making sure we cover everything you really want.

CRAVE Manifesto 

Create your own CRAVE manifesto to frame how you want to activate what you really want in your life. Your manifesto will be unique to you and will serve as a guidepost for the choices you make every day.

Crave Activation

Get clear on your non-negotiables as you create your CRAVE activation strategy. Your action plan will give you specific next steps toward living the life you CRAVE right now, and every day.

Flip It 

Learn how to flip your life so you’re doing what you love and what you’re talented at 100% of the time. You’ll also continue to get support on your CRAVE activation strategy as you work toward finalizing it and making it happen.

CELEBRATE Your Intentions

Celebrate your progress and your commitment to the life you CRAVE. 



Melody Biringer



From strawberry shortcake to home furnishings to a fitness business, Melody has trotted down virtually every entrepreneurial trail in existence. With her 1:1 Work{STORM} she offers her breadth of experience and high level of expertise to help entrepreneurs move the dial on their business.

Her most successful ventures, The CRAVE Company and Biringer’s, give her a powerful perspective. Over the last 14 years, her work has focused on generating authentic connections and conversation among women in business. Her events are highly anticipated by 1000’s of women across North America. Melody is also the author of CRAVING Success: a startup junkie’s path from passion to profits, which includes 132 tips for ambitious entrepreneurs.

She started by showcasing female entrepreneurs in the CRAVE Company’s highly popular city guides, and has since grown the company into a vehicle for encouraging women to dig deep, share their stories, and embrace their CRAVED lives. Her current entrepreneurial love-child is CO-STORMING, a group think-tank designed to be your personal board of directors for life and work.

She has recently launched a six week CRAVE Your Life program – designed to help people get obsessively specific about what they need in their lives.

In 2013 the first Urban Campfire was held in Seattle. This is a unique and intimate gathering of women, where vulnerability, failure, tears, and laughter are celebrated. This highly anticipated annual event has been attended by 1000’s of women across North America.

You can follow Melody on Instagram and Twitter @MelodyBiringer.

Work one-on-one with Melody for $375
Payment Plan Option A – 2 payments of $197.50
Payment Plan Option B – 3 payments of $131.66

When you register, you’ll receive a registration confirmation email right away. You’ll also receive a welcome email from your small group facilitator within a few days. We will keep you posted on the schedule, as well as any other relevant information during the program.

Because of the detailed logistics of this program, registration is not refundable. If you have questions before registering, please email us and we will be happy to help you figure out if this program is right for you.


The meetings will be held weekly at a time specified by your facilitator and will take place in a conference call format.

The CRAVE program was the best business and personal investment I have made this entire year. The content and exercises helped get me get on track and make serious progress toward a more efficient, balanced, and profitable life and business. The experience was a 360-degree home run: The epiphanies were lasting.

Hillary Basset Ross

A brilliant and transformative program! The experience led me to make some bold decisions I had been vacillating over. I am energized to really “go big!” and feel more confident about who I am both professionally and personally than I ever have.

Nora Gause

Got my mojo back and for that I am completely grateful. Thank you for putting this life-changing program together, Melody Biringer!

Laura Ko

You have created such a unique, inspiring and enriching experience, and I have truly not experienced anything like it. Attending your program was perhaps the BEST action that I have taken to further my leadership development. I left feeling inspired and rejuvenated, on both a personal and professional level.

Chelsey Walker-Watson

We’re excited to help you move confidently into the life you CRAVE

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