Are you feeling stuck, lonely and frustrated with where you are at in your side hustle? You know, that passion project you’ve been slaving away at ON TOP of working your 9-5?

Are you craving support, sisterhood and a realistic action plan to finally get your business to the next level?  

Well Melody & Gina have created the perfect collaboration for you to finally get unstuck and propel your business forward.


We invite you to join us as we gather some amazing women for THE SIDE HUSTLE COLLAB. The COLLAB is an exclusive twelve week business accelerator and think-tank designed to be your personal board of directors for life and work.

This is a journey that will change your life & accelerate your business.

                      Our next 90 day start date is: February 2nd to April 20th 2017




90 day program – $995
Payment Plan Option – 3 payments of $365

Who is this COLLAB for?

  • The side hustling entrepreneur in the early stages of building her business and having a hard time carving out time and staying productive so she can quit her day job.
  • Women who are are highly creative but lacking the clarity, focus and plan of action to actually move forward so they won’t stay paralyzed by perfectionism, comparison and procrastination.
  • The entrepreneur who has a million ideas but lacks the self-discipline to follow them through or get stumbled with the process of playing them full out.
  • The woman working hard on her side gig and worried that her biz won’t take off enough for her to leave the safety and security of her day job.
  • The solo entrepreneur feeling frustrated doing it all by herself and wishes she has a posse of like minded women supporting her on all levels.



Do you want to take your side hustle to the next level of success?

If YES, the COLLAB is for you. The power of this small group can’t be overemphasized.

Your are the sum of the closest 5 people you hang out with – so let’s elevate your support system with some stellar side hustling women on a mission to change the world.



  • Weekly LIVE office hour calls together with Melody & Gina to engage in weekly topic discussions, ask questions, gain clarity, coaching and masterminding. Alternating Thursday days at noon and evenings at 8:15 pst. All calls will be recorded and replays sent out. {$2000 value}


Weekly lessons & teachings developed to propel your side hustle forward to achieve more success and balance in your life. {$497 value}

  • Exclusive private COLLAB Facebook group to share, connect and support each other in confidence. This is where you have an all access pass to Melody & Gina with their expertise and coaching throughout the 12 weeks – No question left unanswered! This will be our platform for sharing resources, advice and pep-talks – the glue that holds everyone together for the duration for the COLLAB. {$90 value}

BUT WAIT! There’s more…

BONUS – Co-Storm peer collaboration:

Throughout the 12 weeks you’ll have an opportunity to go on a 1:1 “Co-Storming” date (live or virtual) with each member of the COLLAB. These storms are action packed meetings to get laser focused attention on each other’s projects, providing fresh perspective to move each other forward. {$750 value}

>> SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITY! We would like to give one amazing woman the chance to WIN a FREE SCHOLARSHIP to the Side Hustle COLLAB program. Tell us why you want to be a part of this mentorship mastermind by filling out THIS APPLICATION by January 2nd. We will review and choose a heartfelt winner on January 15th. 


By joining this COLLAB with Melody and Gina you will come away with:

  • TAKING ACTION and testing to get results.
  • How to IDENTIFY what to outsource and what to do yourself.
  • The SIMPLICITY you need to distill your menu of products or services to actually make it happen.
  • CLARITY to finally get what you REALLY want out of your business and life right now by refining your voice, niche and who you serve.
  • Identify what’s not working, and learn how to PIVOT & TURN IT AROUND to make it succeed.
  • OVERCOME the OVERWHELM of building your business on the side by finally having a plan to get what you want.
  • REMOVE  fears holding you back to creating a lifestyle and business you ultimately crave.
  • DISCOVER how to maximize more EASE in your life & business.

Why Melody & Gina? {meet your mentors}

Melody and Gina have come together for the ultimate collaboration to maximize all of their experience, strengths and personalities to support and provide you with a collaboration experience like no other. They are committed to supporting side hustling women to achieving more success in their business and happiness in their life.

Melody brings her expertise in starting 20 businesses in the last 30 years, specializing in building community, throwing events, helping startups and facilitating co-storm sessions both in groups and 1:1, and Gina brings her expertise in stress and time management, self care, mindset/limiting belief change work, life coaching, Desire Mapping, fear busting and confidence building as well as successfully building her business alongside working a full time corporate career and having a baby. TOGETHER Melody and Gina are ready to support you to the next level of success both in your business and life …


Melody Biringer

Entrepreneur/Business Mentor


From strawberry shortcake to home furnishings to a fitness business, Melody has trotted down virtually every entrepreneurial trail in existence. With her 1:1 Work{STORM} she offers her breadth of experience and high level of expertise to help entrepreneurs move the dial on their business.

Her most successful ventures, The CRAVE Company and Biringer’s, give her a powerful perspective. Over the last 14 years, her work has focused on generating authentic connections and conversation among women in business. Her events are highly anticipated by 1000’s of women across North America. Melody is also the author of CRAVING Success: a startup junkie’s path from passion to profits, which includes 132 tips for ambitious entrepreneurs.

She started by showcasing female entrepreneurs in the CRAVE Company’s highly popular city guides, and has since grown the company into a vehicle for encouraging women to dig deep, share their stories, and embrace their CRAVED lives. Her current entrepreneurial love-child is CO-STORMING, a group think-tank designed to be your personal board of directors for life and work.

She has recently launched a six week CRAVE Your Life program – designed to help people get obsessively specific about what they need in their lives.

In 2013 the first Urban Campfire was held in Seattle. This is a unique and intimate gathering of women, where vulnerability, failure, tears, and laughter are celebrated. This highly anticipated annual event has been attended by 1000’s of women across North America.

You can follow Melody on Instagram and Twitter @MelodyBiringer.


Gina Fresquez

Transformation Coach

As a Freedom Catalyst, Transformational Mindset & Confidence Coach, and founder of the Women’s Side Hustle Society, Gina is on a mission to empower stressed and busy working women who are building their business on the side while working a full time job to create an exit strategy and execute the process with less stress and more ease and grace.


Feeling less like jumping off a cliff and more like strategically taking the stairs. For over 4 years Gina has helps dozens of women discover what they truly want from life and succeed in creating an action plan to get there.


Her specialty lies in helping women define and then create their unique version of freedom in a way that feels good through addressing stress, limiting beliefs, fear and confidence.


Gina is also a Desire MapFacilitator and hosts intimate Girls Weekend For Your Soul retreats around the country.


In her spare time (ha, what’s that!) she is also a mom of an energetic toddler and huge fan of champagne & dance parties, red lipstick, horses, and all things 80s.


Learn more about GinaHERE  






90 day program – $995
Payment Plan option – 3 payments of $365

All calls will be recorded and sent within 48 hours. This helps if you miss one or if you want to re-listen to the call to reference. Though making the calls live is best, the content and FB group will be jam packed with helpful exercises and constant support to get your to your next desired level of business.




Because of the detailed logistics of this program, registration is not refundable. If you have questions before registering, please email us and we will be happy to help you figure out if this program is right for you.







YES! You will have access to both mentors in the Facebook group and on the weekly calls. Melody and Gina will be troubleshooting and coaching all along the way.  If you choose the VIP option you will have 1:1 time with both Melody & Gina to work on individual projects.




YES! While paying in full saves you over $100, you can choose to pay in 3 payments of $365 or if you want to upgrade to our VIP and get 1:1 access you can pay 3 payments of $530


We cannot promise anything but if this mastermind COLLAB becomes as popular as we think it might be we may be offering it again in late summer – though it most likely won’t stay at this price.


The call will be one hour a week.  You will have weekly homework, plan on 2-3 hours per week to fulfill.  



Working with Melody was the best business and personal investment I have made this entire year. The content and exercises helped get me get on track and make serious progress toward a more efficient, balanced, and profitable life and business. The experience was a 360-degree home run: The camaraderie from the other amazing women was an absolute blast, the epiphanies were lasting.

Hillary Basset Ross

I highly recommend working with Gina if you want to build your business with less stress, more success and plenty of joy. Gina uses her coaching expertise, life experience, and keen listening skills to help you pinpoint what your soul purpose is calling for, to dig deep within to clarify your niche. It’s so important to work with Gina to save you time, money, and aggravation trying to figure it out all on your own. Her intuition is spot on to steer you toward success with less stress as you get your business off the ground. Working with Gina will knock your socks off, as it has for me.

Lauren Madden
The Side Hustle COLLAB- 90 day program has been profoundly transforming for my business vision. The accountability moved me forward into action. The content that Melody Biringer and Gina Mazzella Fresquez provided was in an honest, simple way that I was able to apply right away! The weekly connection calls allowed me to get fresh perspective from the other COLLAB team members! I am honored to be a part of this supportive and encouraging group of women!! I am grateful for each of you!
Annie Book


Do you CRAVE more? WE HAVE AN EXCLUSIVE VIP OPTION. Get more of the one-on-one attention you crave by registering for the limited VIP access COLLAB which includes 2 private 60 minute sessions with each mentor separately to dig deep and get the individual attention you really need to propel your side hustle forward and stay confident through the process. That’s an additional 2 individual coaching sessions with BOTH Melody AND Gina (2 hours total)!

Still have questions? Email Melody directly using the form below. 



VIP – 90 day program – $1495
VIP – Payment Plan option – 3 payments of $530