Ready to make things happen?
I’m going to get you clear, focused, and in motion on the next steps you need to be taking. Tap my brain, entrepreneurial experience, and golden rolodex to workshop   your:

• business…scaling or reinventing
• concept in development…setting up, growing
• incubating dream project…getting started


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90 day Kickstart

Starts with completing the CRAVE Business Canvas™ before we meet and then we’ll dive deep with a three hour one on one Work{STORM}. We will do weekly check-in calls to ensure your priorities are moving ahead and that you achieve your 90 day goals. What’s included:

  • Pre-homework to determine clarity and what our focus needs to be
  • Deep dive 3 hour session with clear next action steps
  • 30 minute weekly calls to make sure you are on track or need to re-group and pivot
  • Unlimited emails to review docs or make quick decisions Access to our private Co-Storming Facebook community
  • Entry to one Co-Storm mashup (our quarterly event)

(Let’s keep going with another 90 days for $1500) 

90 minutes 1:1 Storm with Melody

For those of you that want a quick shot in the arm to get back on track or get clarity of what track to be on.  Walk away with your next move.



The Side Hustle COLLAB

The COLLAB is an exclusive 90 day business accelerator mastermind and think-tank designed to be your personal board of directors for life and work.




Crave Your Life 6 Week Program

Designed to help you get obsessively specific about what you want, so you can start getting it.



Connect with me in the form below and let’s talk! I’ll get back to you right away to share details and answer any questions. I guarantee you’ll be thankful you hitched a ride on the energy we’ve got going!

90 day Kickstart for $2500
1:1 – 90 minutes Storm with Melody $375
Crave 6 Week Program

Your Facilitator                           about-page-Mel


From strawberry shortcake to home furnishings to a fitness business, Melody has trotted down virtually every entrepreneurial trail in existence. With her 1:1 Work{STORM} she offers her breadth of experience and high level of expertise to help entrepreneurs move the dial on their business.

Her most successful ventures, The CRAVE Company and Biringer’s, give her a powerful perspective. Over the last 14 years, her work has focused on generating authentic connections and conversation among women in business. Her events are highly anticipated by 1000’s of women across North America. Melody is also the author of CRAVING Success: a startup junkie’s path from passion to profits, which includes 132 tips for ambitious entrepreneurs.

She started by showcasing female entrepreneurs in the CRAVE Company’s highly popular city guides, and has since grown the company into a vehicle for encouraging women to dig deep, share their stories, and embrace their CRAVED lives. Her current entrepreneurial love-child is CO-STORMING, a group think-tank designed to be your personal board of directors for life and work.

She has recently launched a six week CRAVE Your Life program – designed to help people get obsessively specific about what they need in their lives.

In 2013 the first Urban Campfire was held in Seattle. This is a unique and intimate gathering of women, where vulnerability, failure, tears, and laughter are celebrated. This highly anticipated annual event has been attended by 1000’s of women across North America.

You can follow Melody on Instagram and Twitter @MelodyBiringer.



When you register, you’ll receive a registration confirmation email right away. You’ll also receive a welcome email from your small group facilitator within a few days. We will keep you posted on the schedule, as well as any other relevant information during the program.


Because of the detailed logistics of this program, registration is not refundable. If you have questions before registering, please email us and we will be happy to help you figure out if this program is right for you.





The meetings will be held weekly at a time specified by your facilitator and will take place in a conference call format.


Work{storming} was one of the most effective and efficient way to get the ball rolling again in my business that I have ever experienced. The best part was having myself and another experienced business professional focus together on my issues and it was that extra attention and push that created the momentum that I could then run with.

Kim Heath CA, CPA, JD

Storming with Melody was a reflective experience. It was like having someone verbalize the things in your brain that you may not have been able to articulate prior. For me 2 major changes happened. First, I could see where I was missing the big picture. I was totally focused on my mistakes and missed the successes. Second, I was able to reinforce some of my ‘gut feelings’ about how to grow that I was talking myself out of.

Andrea Scott, Founder of Skoah®

Work Storming with Melody is euphoric from the moment you sit down to the moment you walk away. Having the creativity, expertise, and perspective of another person in the trenches with me and intensely focused on my business of serving working Moms left me with two gifts: Clarity around how to simplify my offerings and new opportunities around partnering with like-minded change makers. I left feeling confident, enthusiastic, and much calmer about bringing it all to life.

Sarah Gibbons, Founder and CEO of Conscious Working Mama

I showed up at my #Storming date with Melody with a massive list of possibilities. And that’s all it was: a list. I left my #Storming date with a very specific “next best step”, plus a short-term plan and a TON of clarity that is simply not possible to find when you are always working away by yourself. This rocks!

Shirley Weir, Founder of

A full day put aside to create, challenge my ideas, kick me in the pants when needed and then turn around and help another do the same thing for their business was so rewarding. It was the final push I needed to launch my new brand and gain insight on how I can build my business to the next level.

Melissa K Harris, Brand Architect
Melody’s walk and talk WORK{storm} method is a two-in-one. She inspires creative juice while toning caboose! Her years of accumulated experience was like a compass directing me to roll my own wisdom road into my current vision. Rather than shift gears from acupuncture practitioner to coach, under her guidance I softened to the benefits of combining the two. I left feeling more empowered to offer my unique gifts than ever. And my results exploded immediately. If you’re ready for a catapult, storm with Melody.
Laya Raznick

We’re excited to help you move confidently into the life you CRAVE

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