Enjoy Candlelight Dinner, Connection Pods, Pillow Fight, Dance Party & A Yoga Pants Brunch

What more could you want? P.S. Did we mention S’mores!

Welcome to URBAN CAMPFIRE Retreat {PJ Edition}, an overnight Slumber Party + Yoga Pants brunch taking place during International Women’s Day week on March 11th & 12th 2017.  An experience to create stronger alliances in our community.

We are world thinkers, innovative, fun women…moving the dial at all times and wanting to change the world & know how to incorporate play.

Join our PJ Slumber Party Retreat to foster new community and friendships.

 You’ll  have real, creative, hands on conversations with like-minded women.

Be part of intimate “campfire” pods with experts facilitating discussions on making friends & building community, story telling & letter writing, hacking motherhood, experience virtual reality, discover your top cravings, improve your sex life, dish on astrology, tips from a success bully, hang with a naturepath and learn new wellness practices.   All after an Urban Campfire dinner…then rock a pillow fight & dance party + roast S’mores!

The Talaris in city retreat center makes it the perfect space to have fun, connect and relax without spending time traveling far distances – the quintessential Northwest experience.





Experience Style and Comfort In The Heart Of Seattle

VIP Overnight Getaway With Yoga Pants Brunch and Special Guest Speaker To Ignite Your 2017!

Urban Campfire Women are taking over the Talaris Retreat Center by reserving all 30 of their rooms to accommodate our VIP Getaway Guests. Expect to slumber with over 50+ women in our quarters.

Each of our guestrooms features one queen or two double beds, and every room includes: Keurig™ coffeemaker, Mini refrigerator,Hair dryer.

You’ll find their accommodations are perfect for a night away from home with luxury, relaxation and renewal. Each spacious room sleeps 2 women – each room has their own private bathrooms. Lodging is near the dining room and centrally located to all of the inspirational activities. 



The Details


DATE: MARCH 11th & 12th 2017 

2:30 pm  Overnight VIP Getaway Check In
3:30 pm Full day Explorers  Check In
4:00 pm Kick off Party
5:00 pm Urban Campfire Candlelight Dinner Party (with connection experts)
7:00 – 9:00 pm Pillow Talk Pods with our Connection Experts
9:00 – 11:30 pm Pillow Fight, Dance Party & S’mores                                      

8:30 am  Silent Walk Around Grounds
9:00 am Yoga Pants Brunch (Special International Guest Speakers Panel) How to bridge diversity and culture in our community.

Register Now

$250 VIP Overnight Getaway Retreaters – REGISTER HERE

$150 Explorers Full Day Retreaters– REGISTER HERE



Our Connection-Pod Experts



Keita H. Williams
Keita H. WilliamsInventor of the Success Bully
Do More… Think less
Harmony Leanna Eichsteadt
Harmony Leanna EichsteadtA Community Whisperer
How to make friends & create community.
Community is the secret sauce.
TERESA SPRINGERCEO of Seattle Fashion Week
How to bridge diversity and culture in our community.
GINA FRESQUEZFounder at Women's Side Hustle Society
Discovering how you want to feel and achieving goals with soul.
JESSICA BUTTS Author of Live your life from the Front Seat
Where are you going? and How are you going to get there?
Clem Lafrades
Clem LafradesFounder of Victory Get Fit Club
“My Body My Choice”- Owning your body to overcome bodyshaming.
How to bridge diversity and culture in our community.
Heather Fantin
Heather FantinFounder of Soul on Fire Retreats for Women
Practical tools to awaken your inner wisdom & super charge your happiness
DARNELL SUEFounder of Girl Power Hour
How to go from burnout to living with purpose.
Hacking Motherhood without losing your own song.
JULIE PHAMVP of Community at WTIA
How to bridge diversity and culture in our community.


Q: What should I wear?
A: Your PJ’s of course.   Make sure you pack your yoga pants too:)

Q: Should I go alone or should I go with friends?
A: Go it alone and make new friends.  Bring your besties, mom and sisters.  This is all about connecting.

Q: What exactly is an Urban Campfire slumber party?
A:  An adult Girl’s Night Out in your PJ’s.  This is a let your hair down, get real and have fun affair.

Q: What will I get? What’s the main takeaway?
A. You will walk away with new friends, new ideas, and fresh perspectives. A full sit down candlelight dinner, intimate group conversations with our mentors and experts, dance party, s’mores and if you stay the night…a silent walk and yoga pants brunch.  

Q: Who is this event for?
A. Women of all ages.  Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Moms, Single, Married.  

Q:What are the menu options?
A.  Their food has a reputation of its own and has come to be known as some of the best in the area! We strive to provide healthy meals with a focus on fresh, local and organic foods, and our chef carefully plans and prepares each one with creativity and taste. Gluten-free, vegetarian and/or vegan options included in every meal.

Q: Can I pick my Roommate?
A. Would you like to share your room with a special friend that is attending? Please give us their full name and we will  put you two together in the same room!


A much-needed exhale, a reminder to just “be” and take in all of the subtle senses of the moments.

Liz Weber

It’s truly the small things that drive all of us, but it’s the strength and shear numbers of us that builds our sister, warrior tribe.

Toni Burbridge

It gave me permission to slow down, take a breath, and figure out what I crave in my life.

Brea Stevens


Hosted by Melody Biringer & Renessa Strong.

“The creative spark for the event came from a deep need within myself,” says CRAVE Founder Melody Biringer. “When we gather around the campfire, whether in the woods or a candle at the dinner table, let our hair down and breathe out our real truth, magic happens. Friendships are formed. Sometimes all we need are authentic listeners. Urban Campfire is all about giving permission NOT to have it all together.” ~ Melody Biringer, CRAVE founder

“At the core of almost every woman, is a little girl that wants to enjoy their time with their girlfriends under the stars. I am that Woman! I am inspired to create a community where all women of all backgrounds and of all ages, can come together and feel like they belong. Where laughter, pajamas and sharing our life happen without judgement and we open our hearts to creating special moments.” ~ Renessa Strong



Our Sponsors 

Urban Campfire Gives Back – Our Non-Profit Partner – Mary’s Place

Urban Campfire Retreat has partnered with the non-profit Mary’s Place! Hosts (Melody Biringer and Renessa Strong) will be donating over 100 new ladies underwear and would love your partnered support. We encourage all women attending to open up there closets and donate any size of gently used business attire such as blouses, pants, skirts, dresses, blazers, jackets, shoes and gloves to donate to homeless women starting over in looking for employment and creating a new life.

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